Now This Should Be A Single..

If you know me, you would you know that I used to be a hardcore Madonna fan. Scratch that, I was a stan. Hardcore. I knew every lyric, every dance move, every video haha. But then the MDNA era happened and I was left scratching my head. From a musical standpoint, the album seriously disappointed me. It felt rushed, sloppy and soulless. But her image was even worse to me. From her truly nasty remarks about Lady Gaga and her desperate attempts at staying in the headlines (all that flashing, unnecessary, insensitiveĀ imagery in her tour videos, and poorly put together music videos), I am just about ready to throw in the towel with Madonna (and it doesn’t seem like I’m alone). Not to mention, I was baffled by the MDNA tour’s setlist and seriously put off by its violent themes.

However, I just heard this stripped down version of “Love Spent” (off of MDNA) and was seriously surprised by how much I liked it. It reminds me a lot of American Life/Ray of Light and is really beautiful. Madonna, do more music like this! I would love for this to be the fourth single of off MDNA. Maybe it could save it, and her image, a little bit. What do you think?

Madonna Love Spent ( Acoustic Version ) Edit By Julio Skov from Julio Skov on Vimeo.


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