Treat Yourself To…. The Gym?

Anyone here watch Parks and Rec? It’s one of my absolute favorite shows and is so my sense of humor, I cannot get enough. One particular episode that I can never get out of my head is Treat Yo Self. Two of the characters, Tom and Donna, have an annual day, once a year, where they “treat themselves” to the most ridiculous, over-the-top things.

Is that not one of the greatest things you’ve ever seen?

Now, all hilarity aside, I LOVE the idea of treating yourself to something big and flashy once a year. But what about treating yourself on a smaller scale more often? And not just with clothes, jewelry, chocolate or trips to the spa -can you tell those are my ideas of treating myself? Haha. (P.S. – I did just buy the most AMAZING hand cream from L’Occitane along with some great new lip gloss from M.A.C.)

What about treating your mind, body and spirit too? Lately, I’ve been trying to get on a healthier eating kick and lose some weight. It’s not easy but I have been really making an effort to do it. Aside from healthier eating, I have also been more dedicated to going to the gym and have discovered something about myself in the process. I simply FEEL better after a good workout. I smile more, feel healthier, feel like my mind expands and my energy instantly boosts.

So for me, I’m treating myself to exercising. Whether it is at the gym, taking my dogs for a walk, going for a swim, or even just dancing in my room, that is going to be a constant indulgence. Anything that can make your mind and body feel better works. 🙂

Don’t forget the chocolate every now and then too though ;).


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