True Blood: Episode 11…. :/

Bill needs to GTFO. And Lilith? I am not here for that.

So is anyone here a True Blood fan? It’s Sunday which means a new episode of TB tonight and I am SO not sure how to feel about this one. This season has been a real stretch and has seriously made me question my dedication to the show. From the pointless sub-plots to dramatic and unsettling character changes, I just don’t know. Also THE CAMP. It used to be great camp and now it’s just over-the-top. I’ll post a review of tonight’s episode afterwards but let’s just say, I am nervous.



2 thoughts on “True Blood: Episode 11…. :/

  1. Ugh I know. I loved Bill soooo much in the first few seasons, and now I just want to punch him in the face. They’ve completely changed his character to the point that it makes no sense- he’s been around a couple hundred years, and still kept the whole “southern gentleman” quality about him in the first few seasons- how is it that he suddenly becomes a giant douchebag overnight? This is my all time fav. show and I don’t want them to screw it up and fail. If they don’t do a good job wrapping up this season… and then the next season sucks…. it’ll prolly be their last 😦 There’s just too much that doesn’t make sense.

  2. Yes! Me too. I do not understand the drastic character change in him one bit. Thank you! For three seasons he was a respectable person and now yeah overnight he’s become one of the bad guys. I have the same feeling too. They neeeed to make these last 2 episodes good ones because the show is going downhill fast. It’s true, if they can’t come back with an excellent 6th season, I don’t see it lasting. And it sucks because it really is one of my top favorite shows. 😦

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