What I’m Reading..

So here is a pretty dorky fact about me…. when I was little I used to want to be a librarian. I used the crap out of my library card and loved the smell of a new book and the feel of the crisp pages. I loved buying cool bookmarks and looked forward to getting to the next chapter of whatever book I was reading… I was and still am a total book nerd.

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve read a new, good book but right now the one I am reading is pretty interesting. It’s called Geisha, A Life and is by Mineko Iwasaki. I adored the film MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA and subsequently really enjoyed the book as well. If you like those, then you will love Geisha, A Life. It is actually the story that allegedly inspired Memoirs of A Geisha and is about Mineko Iwasaki, one of Japan’s leading Geisha’s.

I have such a passion for learning about other cultures and have always been fascinated by the Geisha culture of Japan. It’s such an interesting read and shows you how intense, competitive and difficult the life of a Geisha is. It also is remarkable to me that something so antiquated has survived for hundreds of years and the book goes into detail about how it’s struggled to evolve with the times. Once I’m done I’ll post a review hehe.





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