Single Doesn’t Equal Spinster.


So I just read an article about Jennifer Aniston in NY Magazine about why the media loved painting her as America’s loneliest, saddest and most desperate woman prior to this engagement to Justin Theroux. Honestly, I have never really had an opinion about her except that like most of the world, I think she has GREAT hair. In fact, she is single-handedly my hair-spiration. Also, she seems like a pretty cool chick. But as far as her being “single” since dating Justin and splitting from Brad, I don’t have an opinion on that. It is her life and she actually was dating and working so I wouldn’t call her a  sad, old, spinster like the media was so quick to. Also, and this is my real point in bringing her up, why is being single akin to having some disease in this world?

I have sympathized and empathized with her in the last few years. The fact that she’s been called everything from crazy and desperate to pathetic and sad is wild to me. Because she didn’t have a husband? And now that she is engaged, I find it hysterical that the media is STILL painting her as desperate. Now she’s desperate to beat Brad down the aisle, desperate for kids, desperate to be a wife. It’s all so silly and makes me wonder…. is being single really that bad? To me, it’s not.

I am single right now but I am feeling very fulfilled in life. Would I like to have a boyfriend? Sure, of course, but does being with someone define me? No. I refuse to let it.  Am I lonely, sad, depressed, desperate? Hardly. I have a full, beautiful life and I’m sure she did too. There is real empowerment in being single. You get to understand yourself, what you like and what you don’t, who you are as a person. You can try new things, life is still exciting.

I’ve been in many situations where I’m one of the few single girls, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told “not to worry, it will happen” or “how is someone as pretty as you alone?” or my favorite, “don’t you want a boyfriend? Aren’t you lonely?”.  One, I’m not worried, two, thank you, I am beautiful, three, I would rather find a quality man then settle for just anyone.

The main point here is that YOU are the answer to your own happiness. Not a man, not a woman, not anything, you. So go out and discover who you are and don’t forget to keep enjoying life in the process :).


2 thoughts on “Single Doesn’t Equal Spinster.

  1. Urgh, people who think that you have to be in couple to be happy are clearly very insecure and incomplete as their own selves. I mean what’s wrong with being single? This ideology and representation of Aniston just shows how the media and public perception are pushing people towards relationships which may not actually be good and happy ones; apparently just any relationship will do; or you’re alone, crying and eating ice cream apparently.

  2. Yes! I so agree with you. Being alone doesn’t mean you are incomplete. You said it so well! I agree with all of it. It’s such extremes and that’s such a good point about the idea of having to be in a relationship to not be considered pathetic, no matter how unhealthy they may be.

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