You Mean it Tastes Like Chocolate?

I love food. In my dream world, I would be able to eat all day and not gain a single pound haha. And I’m talking goooood food – pizza, cake, ice cream, mexican, sushi… you name it!  In fact, here is a  restaurant I am dying to get to one of these days :P.

Alas, eating junk food 24/7 is just not possible (well it is, but… yeah), so instead I’ve made it my mission to find foods that taste decadent and delicious but are still healthy. It’s not easy and I definitely still give in to my cravings, but it’s been fun discovering a wide range of tasty foods that won’t leave you feeling guilty! And with that, let me present to you one of my all time favorite snacks that has changed my life. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the VITAMUFFIN!



Without sounding too much like an advertisement for Vitalicious, I can just say that these muffin tops (along with the muffins, brownies and cakes) taste like real chocolate. You know how diet food can really taste like diet food? Well these don’t and it is extraordinary. And they are only 100 calories! How amazing is that? I eat one every single day for breakfast and they are filling as well so it’s great. They have them at most to all supermarkets but some of the better flavors (peanut butter chocolate, chocolate mint, dark chocolate pomegranate) are only available online. Do yourself a favor and try one! You won’t regret it, trust me.


P.S. They have pizza now too?! I will sooo try one and let you know what I think!




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