Dear Al, Never Change.

The Today Show never fails to bring the daily wtf? I mean, just watch the third hour with Kathy Lee and Hoda (oh Hoda, I want give you a hug for dealing with that brand of crazy every day) and I promise you will get a contact buzz. However, the one person aside from Crazy Lee who is guaranteed to bring on the weird, cringe-worthy and plain old what in the fresh hell moments is none other than AL ROKER.

Good ole Al has had his fair share of wacky moments but I think this next one takes the cake, or at least lands in the top three. Did someone shut his batteries off? Is he experiencing some kind of crazy health problem? Or does he just want to freak us all out at home with that stare? Or, is he totally over Matt and Savannah’s seriously not cute and kind of awkward antics (he just might really be over Matt if you’ve seen this not-so-subtle dig)?  What do you think is going on with him here?


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