Falling In Love With One Word.


I must be in a romantic mood tonight because I keep posting about love! Well, I am a big fan of StumbleUpon like a lot of people these days, and tonight,  I “stumbled upon” (:P) a post that I thought was really, really sweet. It is from a blog called bigthink.com and is called “The Top 10 Relationship Words That Aren’t Translatable Into English.

I won’t post all of them here but I will share one that I liked a lot. Apparently Forelsket is Norwegian for the euphoria you experience when you are falling for someone. How cool is it that there is a word for that  feeling!?

But what I think is interesting about this is that can you really put that feeling into words? I mean, obviously a word does indeed exist for it but is it really possible? I know for me, when I’ve felt that feeling my mind can’t even process it. It’s just a feeling and definitely one of the best feelings in the world.  It’ s just that moment when you feel your heart beating and suddenly everything looks brighter, your steps feel lighter, the dark in the world feels a little less dark and all the good moments feel even more heightened. You feel like an electrical charge is surging through your body all the time and like you are walking on air. How do you lock all of that into one word?

Pretty amazing.



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