How Adorable?!

I am a sweets addict. I don’t usually crave savory foods, I almost always crave sweets. And not only do I love sweets but I also, as you probably know by now as well, love my dogs! I work in Manhattan on the Upper East Side and every now and then I’ll stop by Sprinkles cupcakes to pick up some treats for my family. Today I decided to finally try their doggie cupcake and it was a huge success! If you ever get the opportunity to try a Sprinkles cupcake I highly recommend it… they are out of this world! The frosting is just the right combination of sweet and smooth but it isn’t overpowering which I like.  Anyways, Gracie and Faith loved this cupcake, which they split. It is sugar free with yogurt frosting and such an adorable way to treat your puppy!

Doggie Cupcake

P.S. If you enjoy Sprinkles, try their Smores cupcake before it leaves stores! It’s only there until September 3rd ;). My sister can tell you it is DELICIOUS. And with that, I’m going to take a big old bite out of my carrot cake cupcake. Bon Appetit!


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