Movies to Watch: The Cabin In The Woods

Joss Whedon obviously hit it prettttty big this year with a small, little movie called THE AVENGERS, but he also directed another great film that didn’t seem to get the recognition it so truly deserved. If you couldn’t already guess from the above trailer, I’m talking about The Cabin In The Woods. While I guess you could put it into the horror genre, it’s just part horror film. The other parts I would say are comedy, drama and thriller. If you’ve seen Drag Me To Hell, it’s very similar only in the sense that it combines slapstick humor with elements of scary films. Drag Me To Hell actually did frighten me while Cabin In The Woods left me with a creepy feeling but got me thinking on a deeper level about society.

I don’t want to give too much of the plot away but like most scary movies, it starts off with a bunch of good looking college students, including one incredibly hysterical stoner played by Fran Kranz to perfection (he is this movie’s heart and soul). They all fit the stereotypical roles you see in scary movies – the brains, the beauty, the good girl, the nerdy yet cute guy, etc. They are embarking on a weekend trip to Chris Hemsworth’s character’s family-owned cabin when of course trouble ensues… in the form of undead, crazy zombies unknowingly brought back from the grave. But, there’s a twist! A twist I won’t give away but one that truly sets this film apart from other scary movies.

The reason I say it’s only partially scary is because it’s not really a horror film. To me the film is more of a study on human instinct and survival. And…well okay, I’ll post the spoiler below:


The twist is that the entire cabin and the undead zombies have been set up by a lab which houses gods below the Earth. In order to satisfy these beings, there must be human sacrifices. So the lab creates the perfect situations to ensure these characters are killed. Without the sacrifices, the beings will rise up and destroy the world. But one of the characters discovers the setup and is determined to live. But the interesting point is, is it fair for these people to live but let the whole world collapse? Or is it fair that these innocent human beings have to die to save the world? It’s the kind of movie that really makes you question who is wrong and who is right. Plus, Sigourney Weaver is in it so that’s pure win.

All in all, this is a movie I highly recommend so as soon as it comes out on DVD.. see it!


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