Kimye: A Style Evolution or a Style Command?

Kimye. They seem to be everywhere these days. I’ll admit, I absolutely LOVE Kanye and even though I really cannot stand any of the Kardashians (except I can tolerate Khloe and Scott Disick is pretty much flaw free), for some weird, weird reason, Kim bothers me a little less now that she’s with him. However, everyone has pointed out her rapid change in style since they’ve been dating and it is painfully obvious that Kanye is the one responsible for it, at least that has been the sentiment online. Though it was never directly said, it was pretty clear that she began dressing very differently- more boots, more slicked-back ponytails and more leather pants. But, my question is, why? I understand that when you begin dating someone, you tend to adapt yourself to their interests and vice versa, it just happens. But I’ve noticed such a drastic change in her look overnight that this doesn’t seem natural, it seems forced. Take a look at this video of him going through her closet with her.

Did he really refer to a bag as “this joint right here?”

I don’t know, I really wouldn’t be that cool with my boyfriend dictating what I should and shouldn’t keep in my closet. It just comes off as very controlling to me. I know the sentiment in the video is supposed to be cute but I don’t really understand how having someone tell you what needs to go and needs to stay in your closet can help you become an individual. That sentence doesn’t really make much sense to me. If you’re an individual, wouldn’t you be the one to decide what stays and what goes and hold on to whatever style makes you feel good and confident? Besides, I thought she had pretty cute stuff in there! I can’t believe I’m analyzing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West but, I just had to share my take on it. I didn’t see anything wrong with how she used to dress but now whenever I see pictures of them, she looks like his little mini-me and I have to wonder if she’s really happy with it, or doing it to keep him wanting her. If someone likes you, they should like you for you, not try to morph you into what they want you want to be.  What do you think?



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