Think Before You Speak

Whenever I wish to move 

Or to speak,

First I shall examine my state of mind,

And firmly act in a suitable way.

Whenever my mind becomes attached

Or angry,

I shall not react, nor shall I speak;

I shall remain unmoved like a tree.

I absolutely love these words by Shantideva.  More than anything in the world, I would love to be a person who follows them implicitly.  I was thinking earlier today about the impact of our actions – verbal, physical and mental. Their is so much power in what we do and how our words and choices affect not just others but most importantly ourselves. Can you imagine a world where we all kept our negative thoughts to ourselves? Where we approached every situation in a rational, mature and calm way? Where instead of radiating jealousy, regret, anger or insecurity, we radiated strength, love, confidence and compassion? I want to be in that world! And the amazing thing is we can be in that world, if we want it.

My mission this year is to really do my best to follow these words. The point of this entry is, I’m hopeful for a world where we treat each other with kindness and maintain our self-respect. Anything is possible, it all comes from within. Let’s make it happen!<3


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