Silver and Gold

In the spirit of Christmas, I thought I’d share one of my favorite Christmas songs ever, from my FAVORITE Christmas movie ever, Rudolph:

love this movie so much! What are your favorite Christmas movies?


Quote of the Day


Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring. ~ Oscar Wilde

My Top Songs and/or Videos of the Year

Hey! I know it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve updated, and I hate how long it’s been. I’ve been so busy with work and life that I just literally have not had the time to sit at my computer and write but here I am! So if you know me, you know I am not really a huge movie or television person. The thing that interests me the most is  music, and since this year is coming to a close, I thought I’d join the the crowd and do my own top list of my favorite songs and music videos of the year. I’ll just post my top favorite video but here is my list of songs, in no order cause I’m literally going through my iTunes ha…..

Alex Clare – Too Close I just really liked everything about this song, to me it was a really different sound for a top 40 song, and even though it’s been done to DEATH, the dubstep worked.

212 – Azealia Banks just love everything about it, the beat, the rap, the attitude. It’s stupid and fun.

We’ll Be Coming Back – Calvin Harris I hate to sound like one of those people buuuuut I have loved him for years now and he just continues to put out flawless dance tracks. This one just had everything that makes a good one and the vocals by Example were on point. Could listen to it any time, any place and it instantly boosts my mood.

Don’t Wake Me Up – Chris Brown  I’m sorry. I really am. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRIS BROWN. This song was meant and written for Madonna and she made such a huge mistake by passing on it. I just love the song and could listen to it over and over.

Some Nights – Fun. Love it, it makes me think of being in the city in Chelsea, which ALWAYS makes me smile.

Blood for Poppies – Garbage Shirley Manson is a goddess and her voice just brings back so many childhood memories for me. This was such a good comeback song for them and reminded me of their first (and best) album. I don’t think it got enough credit, it’s a really tight song to me.

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons I absolutely love Imagine Dragons. This song is ethereal and takes me to another place when I hear it. I feel like it was made to be on a dramatic tv show haha

Tomorrow is Gonna Be Better – Joshua Radin I admit, Zach Braff turned me on to this guy and he just writes such gorgeous, gorgeous music. I love the singer/songwriter genre and if you do too, I suggest you check him out. This song makes me cry, just beautiful.

Mercy AND Clique – Kanye YESSSS. I LIVE for these songs. I don’t know what else to say about them. Cruel Summer was for the most part, a weak album, but these songs give me life haha. And Kanye’s verses are ridiculous, over the top and have some of the funniest soundbites EVER. The beats are pretty hot though can’t lie.

Timebomb – Kylie She is a legend in her own right and makes flawless pop songs. This was SO GOOD, better than any Madonna song that came out this year and I am so mad at the U.S. for not giving it more of a chance. It’s so much fun, love!

National Anthem – Lana Del Rey this song makes me think of the time that I lived in the Hamptons. It just captures that energy and makes me miss it so much. I can’t describe what I feel when I listen to this song, I think it makes me feel free.

Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey another one by her I know, but it just is gorgeous. love love love.

Crystallize – Lindsey Sterling this a really cool mashup of classical/dubstep. I actually just found it but I really, really like it.

Ho Hey – The Lumineers I downloaded this when it was a free download on iTunes and am so happy I did! It such a beautiful, cute song. It always make me happy and makes me think of the summer. I always feel so compelled to sing along with it when I hear it. love love love.

Stubborn Love – The Lumineers Yep another one. This is another fantastic song by them, and just as good as Ho Hey imo. It just moves me, the lyrics are really poignant.

Bad Girls – M.I.A. My number one. This song blew me away when I heard it. It still gives me the chills when I hear it. I have loved M.I.A. since Galang and this song is just FLAWLESS. Easily my favorite song of this whole year. She killed it with this one. And the video, omg. I can’t, I actually can’t.

Love Spent – Madonna MDNA was floptastic but this song saves it. She should have made it a single, it could have been a hit. The acoustic version is even better, really captures the pain of it all. I love Madonna like no other and am sad this song wasn’t put out or even performed on the tour till later on. It’s amazing.

Mumford & Sons – Babel I’m cheating here but this whole album was amazing. I can’t pick a favorite song, it’s incredible, makes me feel a million emotions and is just… yeah, amazing.

Beez in the Trap – Nicki Minaj hahahah. Yeah I don’t know, I loved it *hides face*

Of Monsters and Men – My Head Is An Animal Again, whole album. I just saw them live recently and they were spectacular. Go buy this album, now! Little Talks, and more! haha Actually, Little Talks and Bad Girls by M.I.A. are tied for me as song of the year. Little Talks actually makes me cry I love it so much. Also, seeing it live was like no other experience ever. The whole crowd just got taken to a different place.

Carried Away – Passion Pit This is my happy song. I dance to it like a dork every time I put it on. LOVE IT.

Pour it Up – Rihanna hot. not sure what else to say.

Jump – Rihanna destined to be a monster hit. She uses the Ginuwine sample SO WELL.

I know I’m missing a lot of big ones but these are just some of my favorites.

And for my favorite videooooo:

Easily, hands down, took my breath away.

My Resolution



This has been quite a year for me. I have learned so much about myself and also about others. I always like to think as optimistically and positively as I can and with that said, I just wanted to take some time so talk about the lessons I’ve learned this year and how, instead of choosing a New Year’s resolution like losing weight or something along those lines, I’m choosing to “cultivate contentment.”

That’s a Buddhist “necessity” and something I am determined to do moving forward. This year I experienced several highs and lows. My aunt passed away, I was and am still dealing with the grief of losing my grandmother, I left a job that was my WHOLE entire life and had some less than perfect moments with others. But I also stepped into a new job that allowed me to meet a wonderful mentor, I continued to strengthen the amazing friendships I have had for years, and met new people who brought me a lot of happiness.

Life always has good and bad and while it might sometimes seem as though the bad completely outweighs the good, I am working tirelessly, every single day, to see the good and to see the reason for the bad being there. So, when I say my resolution is to cultivate contentment, that means I am not going to get angry or resentful when something bad happens, instead I’m going to do my very best to figure out why it happened and how I can learn from it. It also means I am going to celebrate and appreciate every good thing I have every single day. I’m going to be aware and awake, consider others, take time to feel what I’m feeling, share, evolve and most importantly DREAM.

That is my New Years resolution.  What’s yours?