My Resolution



This has been quite a year for me. I have learned so much about myself and also about others. I always like to think as optimistically and positively as I can and with that said, I just wanted to take some time so talk about the lessons I’ve learned this year and how, instead of choosing a New Year’s resolution like losing weight or something along those lines, I’m choosing to “cultivate contentment.”

That’s a Buddhist “necessity” and something I am determined to do moving forward. This year I experienced several highs and lows. My aunt passed away, I was and am still dealing with the grief of losing my grandmother, I left a job that was my WHOLE entire life and had some less than perfect moments with others. But I also stepped into a new job that allowed me to meet a wonderful mentor, I continued to strengthen the amazing friendships I have had for years, and met new people who brought me a lot of happiness.

Life always has good and bad and while it might sometimes seem as though the bad completely outweighs the good, I am working tirelessly, every single day, to see the good and to see the reason for the bad being there. So, when I say my resolution is to cultivate contentment, that means I am not going to get angry or resentful when something bad happens, instead I’m going to do my very best to figure out why it happened and how I can learn from it. It also means I am going to celebrate and appreciate every good thing I have every single day. I’m going to be aware and awake, consider others, take time to feel what I’m feeling, share, evolve and most importantly DREAM.

That is my New Years resolution.  What’s yours?


One thought on “My Resolution

  1. It sounds like a great resolution. 🙂 Mine is to practice mindfulness throughout the day. I used to do that; then I got lazy. After I got lazy, I slowly stopped catching myself when negative emotions arose. Predictable consequences followed. Time to get back to my practices. 🙂 I enjoyed your post. Best wishes.

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