Some Thoughts

Sometimes life surprises us and throws things at us that we were genuinely not expecting. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, how it happened, why it happened… it’s what you do next. I will be perfectly honest, this year isn’t ending how I expected it to. Far from it. But I can choose to let it bring me down, or I can let it lift me up.

I know, it sounds so cliche to say, but sometimes a bad situation is exactly what you need to see the good or at least open the door to it. In 2013, I am not going to make the same mistakes I made in 2012. I am cultivating happiness and contentment. I am going to take this not so great moment in my life and allow it to teach me.

Nothing is ever as bad as you think, nothing. I’m tougher than I appear to be 😉 and I can get through anything life throws my way. Because I am strong. Never forget your worth, and never let another human being bring you down. 


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