Wake Up and Smell the Daffodils!

Spring is finally starting to well… spring!

I live in New York and if anyone reading this is a fellow New Yorker or living in the Northeast, then you will know it has been one chilly spring season! I actually cannot believe how long it has take the weather to warm up (and looks are so deceiving.. you think it’s a beautiful sunny day only to be freezing upon walking outside). Well, luckily the weather forecast is starting to perk up! It was an absolutely beautiful week in New York this past week! Upper 70s… even hit 82! So with that said, one of my favorite things to do in the city when it’s nice out is take a walk in Chelsea’s Madison Square Park… THEN, hit up the Madison Square Market (that post will be coming in May after the opening).


So, about the park… it’s small but absolutely beautiful. It’s right across the street from the Flatiron building. And right now one of the best things it’s showcasing are its daffodils! Yes… daffodils. And not just one kind, they have several varieties! I have such an appreciation for flowers (I actually dream of moving to France and opening a small flower shop in a beautiful small town ha) so this kind of thing really does make me smile and get excited for spring and summer!

If you can, definitely check out the park and make sure to check out the daffodils! I know I will be (And then instagramming pics haha). Here is a summary of all of the different varieties of daffodils you can see at the park right now.


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