This Puppy is Beyond Inspiring

If there is one thing about me that anyone who knows me really well knows, it’s that I am a hardcore animal lover and believer in animal rights. I have two Golden Retrievers named Gracie and Faith who I love more than life itself (I even have a whole other blog dedicated to them!) and they mean the world to me.

Gracie and Faith


All animals mean the world to me and any time a special story comes around with an uplifting message, I have to read it. With that said, when I found this story on CNN about a dog named Pirelli I needed to share it. Pirelli is not like other dogs, he was born without a paw. You might think such a disability would be a hinderance for Pirelli, but in fact, it has helped him. How? Well, Pirelli is actually part of an organization called Canine Assistants, which as the article goes on state, is a non-profit service organization which trains service dogs and matches them with the human they are best suited to. And what I thought was really unique about this program is that the dogs are actually bred into it. I had never heard of anything like that before.


So imagine what it must have felt like for the people at the organization when Pirelli was born missing a paw. But, and this is what made me cry, Pirelli is still a service dog, however he has a very unique and powerful role. He is going to visit schools as the “spokespuppy” for anyone with a disability. Hello tears, how are you? This got me so incredibly choked up. I think it’s such a moving story and I know Pirelli will really help any child with a disability to feel less alone. Dogs love unconditionally and do not judge. So, for a child to connect with a dog that is also a little different from his peers, is really very poignant.

I remember being in school and being a kid and kids can be cruel. But no matter what,when you step off that school bus at the end of the day, your dog loves you. Your dog sees you for you and doesn’t care what you look or sound like. It’s amazing what a dog can do for your self-esteem and sense of worth. Which is why I love this idea and message. I think when children see how strong Pirelli is and how “normal” of a dog he is despite his appearance, they can learn to look at other children facing the same thing that way – just like anyone else. At least I hope so.

Overall, incredible story.


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