This is Pretty Cool!

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While I might not talk about it too much, I really am a fan of art and art history. I could spend hours in a museum and actually have had some pretty incredible experiences at places like The Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Natural History. One particular museum that I would really like to experience again is MoMA or the Museum of Modern Art. I was only there once for a class in college. While I don’t always understand modern art, I do have an appreciation for it and some of it really does resonate with me.

SO! Enough about me… I was browsing my favorite site ( and found this article about Tilda Swinton and her living art piece at MoMA. Sidenote: Tilda Swinton is SUCH a fierce woman. Honestly, if there is anyone I would “bow down” to it would be her (sorry Bey). She’s flawless. So back to her living art exhibition, apparently MoMA has had an affinity for these kind of pieces ever since they featured the artist Marina Abramovic (found out about her through my sister’s tumblr actually!). If you want to know more about her installation, click here. So this past weekend, Tilda Swinton joined MoMA’s list of living art performers by napping in a glass case inside the museum.

As nymag says, “It’s a re-performance of Cornelia Parker’s “The Maybe” which Swinton will be doing from time to time, unannounced, six more times. It’s cute thinking: The museum has figured out a way to turn a snoozefest into spectacle. (And without using James Franco.)”

Okay well, now here’s my question. Who’s coming with me to see this? I really want to go! How many times do you get to see an acclaimed movie star do this kind of work? I just think it’s a really cool concept and not the kind of thing that happens too often. I think it’s very bold of her to do and is a cool experience for art and movie fans alike. What are your thoughts on it? Do you think Tilda Swinton “napping” in a box in a crowded NYC museum is a big deal or is it more, who cares? Personally, I think it’s pretty awesome.