This is Pretty Cool!

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While I might not talk about it too much, I really am a fan of art and art history. I could spend hours in a museum and actually have had some pretty incredible experiences at places like The Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Natural History. One particular museum that I would really like to experience again is MoMA or the Museum of Modern Art. I was only there once for a class in college. While I don’t always understand modern art, I do have an appreciation for it and some of it really does resonate with me.

SO! Enough about me… I was browsing my favorite site ( and found this article about Tilda Swinton and her living art piece at MoMA. Sidenote: Tilda Swinton is SUCH a fierce woman. Honestly, if there is anyone I would “bow down” to it would be her (sorry Bey). She’s flawless. So back to her living art exhibition, apparently MoMA has had an affinity for these kind of pieces ever since they featured the artist Marina Abramovic (found out about her through my sister’s tumblr actually!). If you want to know more about her installation, click here. So this past weekend, Tilda Swinton joined MoMA’s list of living art performers by napping in a glass case inside the museum.

As nymag says, “It’s a re-performance of Cornelia Parker’s “The Maybe” which Swinton will be doing from time to time, unannounced, six more times. It’s cute thinking: The museum has figured out a way to turn a snoozefest into spectacle. (And without using James Franco.)”

Okay well, now here’s my question. Who’s coming with me to see this? I really want to go! How many times do you get to see an acclaimed movie star do this kind of work? I just think it’s a really cool concept and not the kind of thing that happens too often. I think it’s very bold of her to do and is a cool experience for art and movie fans alike. What are your thoughts on it? Do you think Tilda Swinton “napping” in a box in a crowded NYC museum is a big deal or is it more, who cares? Personally, I think it’s pretty awesome.


Kimye: A Style Evolution or a Style Command?

Kimye. They seem to be everywhere these days. I’ll admit, I absolutely LOVE Kanye and even though I really cannot stand any of the Kardashians (except I can tolerate Khloe and Scott Disick is pretty much flaw free), for some weird, weird reason, Kim bothers me a little less now that she’s with him. However, everyone has pointed out her rapid change in style since they’ve been dating and it is painfully obvious that Kanye is the one responsible for it, at least that has been the sentiment online. Though it was never directly said, it was pretty clear that she began dressing very differently- more boots, more slicked-back ponytails and more leather pants. But, my question is, why? I understand that when you begin dating someone, you tend to adapt yourself to their interests and vice versa, it just happens. But I’ve noticed such a drastic change in her look overnight that this doesn’t seem natural, it seems forced. Take a look at this video of him going through her closet with her.

Did he really refer to a bag as “this joint right here?”

I don’t know, I really wouldn’t be that cool with my boyfriend dictating what I should and shouldn’t keep in my closet. It just comes off as very controlling to me. I know the sentiment in the video is supposed to be cute but I don’t really understand how having someone tell you what needs to go and needs to stay in your closet can help you become an individual. That sentence doesn’t really make much sense to me. If you’re an individual, wouldn’t you be the one to decide what stays and what goes and hold on to whatever style makes you feel good and confident? Besides, I thought she had pretty cute stuff in there! I can’t believe I’m analyzing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West but, I just had to share my take on it. I didn’t see anything wrong with how she used to dress but now whenever I see pictures of them, she looks like his little mini-me and I have to wonder if she’s really happy with it, or doing it to keep him wanting her. If someone likes you, they should like you for you, not try to morph you into what they want you want to be.  What do you think?


Couple Crush?

So, I was perusing my absolute favorite website – – when I stumbled upon a really fascinating story by Lisa Miller about famous Hollywood power couples that our culture has gone on to idolize, some still together, some long broken up.  It brought up a really interesting point about why we perhaps idolize these couples, calling it a “couple crush”. Her reasoning for the crush is that we look up to these couples because we are in love with the fantasy of the perfect couple that we see in them. That we look up to them while analyzing all of the problems in our own relationships. She also went on to say that in real life, many people have these kind of “crushes” on other real life couples, because they believe they have stronger relationships than their own and wish theirs could be more like them.

Now, I know that every couple has issues, no one is perfect. In fact, I was just talking to someone today about the fact that every single relationship is work and if you are committed to making it work it will stand a greater chance at lasting, but no relationship is seamless all the time. I don’t think “couple crushes” are worth having because at the end of the day, you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and you need to focus on what makes your relationship work and what you love about that other person.

Buuuuut, if I had to absolutely pick my “couple crush” it would be:

Yes, I know this is OLD, but they were the couple I definitely had the biggest crush on when I was growing up! They were too perfect, too beautiful, and too good to be true apparently, cause they didn’t last but oh well. Brit Brit and Justin are definitely one of top favorite pairings of all time. Iconic!

My Thoughts On… Rihanna.

So I just finished that Rihanna interview with Oprah that everyone’s been talking about and I have to say, I appreciate her sincerity and honesty in talking about subjects that can be pretty difficult to discuss with your mom or sister, let alone the world.  Of course, I’m referencing the insanely hyped part  of the interview where she talked about who else… Chris Brown. NOW, in my personal opinion, appalling incident aside, homeboy is not all that. He can dance and make good music but watching him in interviews is truly comparable to watching a caveman. I don’t get the appeal at all.

Anyway, she basically confessed that she still loves Chris Brown and that for her, since he was her first love, she’ll never be able to shut that love off, despite the immense pain he caused her. She admitted that she has forgiven him, they still talk, and are pretty close friends these days (note to CB”s current girlfriend: ouch :() It sounds crazy to think that you can love someone who’s treated you the way he treated her right? I mean we all remember the picture, the stories, all of it. But watching her cry, saying she misses him and will always love him got me thinking about love in general. Isn’t it fascinating that the one thing in the world that is supposed to be so pure and so beautiful can make us completely blind to all of the wrong things? She is such a gorgeous, talented individual. I wonder if she sees that. After watching this interview, I don’t believe she does. If she did, she wouldn’t welcome him back into her life as seemingly openly as she has. It also disturbed me to hear that she was more concerned with protecting him after the incident instead of worrying about her own well-being. But, that is just my personal opinion.

I do believe there will always be people in your life that stay with you and who, despite everything, you might still love. I know because I’ve felt it. But I also believe many of us, including me, look through rose-colored glasses when it comes to looking at the past. Rihanna called Chris her one true love. But can you really call the person who embarrassed and humiliated you in front of the world your one true love?  It’s tough to say.

I don’t know if I have any readers on here but I would love to know what you think. Do you think Rihanna was wrong to admit that she still loves him? Or do you think people can genuinely change and that once you love, you can’t turn it off?