A Word on Princess Diana

I usually try to stay away from any sad or depressing stories on my blog. I like to keep it positive and uplifting but every now and then a story will come up or something will catch my attention that might not always be in that vein. In today’s case, I wanted to briefly take a moment to remember Diana, Princess of Wales, who passed away on August 31st, 1997.  I really cannot believe it has been 16 years. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was fascinated by her for most of my childhood. I did all of my school reports on her and have read every book and seen every documentary.  She just radiated something I can’t even find words for.

She was such an inspiring woman and truly left such a light behind. She didn’t just the change the face of the British monarchy, she changed the world.  RIP Princess Diana, always in our hearts.



p.s. – I really enjoyed this story in remembrance of her. All of her most iconic photographs.