The Dinosaur Nerd in Me is Coming Out!

The Print

So I just read a very cool story on CNN about a newly discovered dinosaur print in Washington D.C.! I have been obsessed with dinosaurs since I was a little kid and STILL get excited at the mention of visiting the Museum of Natural History. I will never forget the awe and amazement I felt looking at all of those dinosaur bones. I’ll also never forget the first time I saw Jurassic Park. Freaking EPIC. It’s honestly in my top 5 movies of all time. P.S. – I still have the very first report I ever did in school…. and it was about dinosaurs!

Anyway, now that you all know about my love for our prehistoric friends, you can understand why I think this story is interesting/cool. The nodosaur  track was discovered at the campus of the Goddard Space Flight Center. Here is a picture of a nodosaur, in case you were wondering haha:


Isn’t it incredible to think that these things walked the Earth at one time? I sometimes wonder what it would be like if Jurassic Park were real. Would you go? I definitely would. And with that said, I think I might have to watch it tonight! ­čśŤ