The Best of Summer 2013

It’s Labor Day weekend and summer is coming to a close. Can you believe it?! I’m still coming to terms with it and while I’m absolutely excited for fall, I don’t love the season that follows it.  As I write this, I’m reading Facebook posts excitedly discussing the return of Pumpkin Spice latte’s and the desire to feel the cool air of autumn. I myself am even getting excited for fall shopping (how adorable is this coat?!).  With that said, I thought I’d give you a top 5 of just some of my favorite pop culture moments of this past summer, starting with the lady herself, Miss Lady Gaga!

5. Lady Gaga triumphantly returns with APPLAUSE! As you know, I am a HUGE Gaga fan and was so excited when I first heard this song. I can’t wait to hear ARTPOP (which you know I’ll be reviewing on here!)

4. The World’s End.  Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (you too Martin Freeman!) did it again with their third and final film in the Cornetto Trilogy (the other two films being the “zomedy”, Shaun of the Dead, and the hilarious play on buddy cop films, Hot Fuzz). This film is about a group of guys led by Simon Pegg’s Gary King, on their quest to finish a pub crawl they had previously attempted many years ago through their hometown of Newton Haven. Of course, trouble ensues, trouble of the sci-fi kind! With little nods to their previous films in the trilogy and a wonderful performance by Martin Freeman, it was a highlight of the summer!

3.  This moment on True Blood. Sure, the entire 6th season was all over the place and the show in its current state is completely different from the show I once loved, but this one image made it all so worth it. Am I right people?

This should be a moment on every single episode.

Eric Northman in all his glory

2.  MDNA Tour! I didn’t get to see Queen Madonna in all her live MDNA glory, BUT, I did get to watch the concert special several times on Epix! As usual, Her Madgesty delivered! Here was one of my favorites – Open Your Heart.

1. Orange is the New Black. If you know me, you know that I am very selective about the tv shows that I choose to watch but I have to say, this one is truly UH-MAZING!! It tells the story of waspy New Yorker Piper Chapman and her struggle to survive in a low-security women’s prison and still find a balance with her life on the outside. Only available to watch on Netflix, if you haven’t seen this yet, watch it now! Haha.

 photo tumblr_mseloxoZLE1su8ojzo1_400_zpsbdb7e5e4.gif

There were so many incredible moments this summer spent with family and friends but these are just some of my favorite things from the season. And in case you’re wondering, the VMA’s  (aka the Justin Timberlake and Miley “I can’t twerk” Cyrus show) were a total mess and hence, weren’t included on the list! 😛


No Cell Phones!

Are you a TV addict? Do you know one? If so… all I am going to say is watch this video. It is truly, truly, hysterical and completely spot on haha.

I owe complete credit to my sister for this one.

Dear Al, Never Change.

The Today Show never fails to bring the daily wtf? I mean, just watch the third hour with Kathy Lee and Hoda (oh Hoda, I want give you a hug for dealing with that brand of crazy every day) and I promise you will get a contact buzz. However, the one person aside from Crazy Lee who is guaranteed to bring on the weird, cringe-worthy and plain old what in the fresh hell moments is none other than AL ROKER.

Good ole Al has had his fair share of wacky moments but I think this next one takes the cake, or at least lands in the top three. Did someone shut his batteries off? Is he experiencing some kind of crazy health problem? Or does he just want to freak us all out at home with that stare? Or, is he totally over Matt and Savannah’s seriously not cute and kind of awkward antics (he just might really be over Matt if you’ve seen this not-so-subtle dig)?  What do you think is going on with him here?

Boyz II Men… For or Against?


Ok, I just finished tonight’s episode of True Blood and I have to say, this show is testing my patience people! It really really is. I have no idea what is running through Alan Ball’s head but I am really not loving any of it. This entire season has been full of ridiculous sub-plots (Ifrit being the dumbest of them all), upsetting character shifts (Hoyt?! TARA! BILL!!) and general ridiculousness. I’ve been trying so hard to embrace it but I really just can’t anymore. I was hoping this would be the episode that saved the show but it was once again a disappointment.

I am not going to re-cap the episode but I am going to give my thoughts on some of the moments that stood out to me, good and bad and the straight-up ridiculous. Let’s just start with the good since the bad heavily outnumbers it.


– I really love that we are seeing more of the Sookie/Jason relationship this season. The moment under the tree tonight was moving. You can feel their bond that was missing for so long and for the first time in a while, I felt the love between them. The fact that they are so fiercely protective of one another is really powerful and this relationship keeps the much needed humanity on the show.

-The moments between Jessica and Tara. This is a friendship I can get behind.  They are both complete and total opposites but it works and I want to see more of it.

-STEVE NEWLIN. He is perfection.

-Andy’s cute moment with Holly’s sons.

– Jessica saving Jason’s life. She’s had some pretty powerful moments this season and I’m happy her character was able to grow and evolve more as it went on.

-Eric and Nora escaping was pretty amazing.


-Anything with Bill. Any scene, any conversation. He is a pompous JERK and I would love to see him go. That appalling scene with Jessica at the end was the nail in the coffin for me. Done and over him!

-That really weird smile Eric gave Nora. What was that??

-Sam and Luna. It’s pretty obvious to me that Luna isn’t going to live to see next season but I hate that this sub-plot involves her daughter.

-The fact that they all are ending up at the Authority headquarters. And also, wouldn’t Tara have been taken too?

-Why is Alcide still on the show? They have made his character totally useless this season.


-WHERE IS LAFAYETTE? Oh that’s right, being used for stupid sub-plots. When did he become Miss Cleo?


-The fairy elder. I didn’t know whether to laugh, cringe, or just go with it. I chose to just go with it because…. well….yeah.

So, there you have it. I don’t even know what to think for the finale at this point. Sigh..

Let’s just bring her back please?

True Blood: Episode 11…. :/

Bill needs to GTFO. And Lilith? I am not here for that.

So is anyone here a True Blood fan? It’s Sunday which means a new episode of TB tonight and I am SO not sure how to feel about this one. This season has been a real stretch and has seriously made me question my dedication to the show. From the pointless sub-plots to dramatic and unsettling character changes, I just don’t know. Also THE CAMP. It used to be great camp and now it’s just over-the-top. I’ll post a review of tonight’s episode afterwards but let’s just say, I am nervous.