Gaga of Oz

Lady Gaga has continued to promote APPLAUSE and I have to tell you, I am loving this whole era! From her stellar iTunes Festival performance (I vote ManiCure for the next single please!) to her latest performance on Good Morning America, it’s fun, it’s campy and it’s pop! I checked out what some of the blogs had to say about her Wizard of Oz themed performance on GMA this morning, particularly, OhNoTheyDidnt, and of course, the reviews were mixed. In my opinion, it was genius! Criticize her all you want but you cannot deny that she gives her all in these performances and does what any good popstar is supposed to do… put on a show. Check out her performance and tell me what you think!


Wish List Item!


Lady Gaga is my absolute favorite popstar of all time and when I found out she was releasing a perfume, I couldn’t wait. The promo ads have been fierce and now that the perfume is out and on sale, I can’t wait to get it! My birthday is just a couple of months away so this item is definitely being added to the wait list. Also, I think it is so cool and original that it’s the first black perfume. That’s why I love Gaga. She takes risks that on paper, sound like they could really go either way, but she makes them work. What do you guys think about Fame?

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Loving This!


So… to know me is to know that I absolutely LOVE Lady Gaga. I am a true little monster through and through haha. This isn’t really news but I just had to share my opinion on her new look. Mama monster has gone brunette and I am loving it! This is such a good look on her and suits her perfectly. It’s seriously amazing how much softer her hair looks already. I hope this look sticks because she looks gorgeous!


And since it’s a hair + Gaga post… oblig video of my favorite performance of “Hair” ;).


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